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The medical surveillance of the pregnancy or simply follow-up of the pregnancy aims to follow its good evolution and to detect the possible risk factors

What to do during your pregnancy

Start your prenatal consultation as soon as possible and respect the advice of the health staff. This way, you, your partner and your family will soon be aware of any problem that may arise during pregnancy.
Take your weight and your blood pressure every time you go to prenatal consultation, your weight increases with the growth of the baby in your uterus.
Take your medicine for anemia (iron) every day during pregnancy. Iron intake prevents maternal anemia. Iron intake during pregnancy is not dangerous for your baby. Take your malaria tablets as prescribed.
Ask to receive your anti-tetanus vaccination to the health staff. The tetanus vaccine protects the newborn against tetanus.
Ask the health staff for advice on the appropriate foods you should consume during pregnancy. A healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy guarantees you and your baby good health.
Do your prenatal exams as prescribed. These tests can detect early and treat diseases that can affect your health and that of your baby.