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Emergency services

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Each delivery involves a certain level of risk for the baby but also for the mother. And even in the third or fifth pregnancy it is always very important to pay attention and follow the advice because negligence could lead to serious health problems. 
Here's the procedure to follow :
  • Identify the health facility where you will deliver by ensuring that you have qualified staff;
  • Established a plan for financing childbirth and possible complications;
  • Prepare to go to the health facility even in case of emergency (means of transport, money, support, person who would take care of the house in your absence);
  • Schedules the days of routine visits during pregnancy and goes to the health facility (as soon as the signs of the beginning of work appear);
  • Prepare the kit with everything needed for delivery;
  • Identify blood donors and how to reach them when needed. 
    If you suffer a lot from the adverse effects of pregnancy, do not hesitate to inform you at HGOPY health staff.

Note the necessary information below without waiting for the start of the work. This information could be very useful in case of emergency:
  • Expected date of delivery
  • Name and location of preferred health facility for childbirth
  • How to get to the clinic on the day of delivery
  • Name and telephone contact of the carrier
  • Names and phone numbers of potential blood donors

Expected means to secure funding for childbirth and other minor needs
  • Personal savings
  • Association / tontine
  • Micro insurance
  • Purchase of an obstetric kit, if available
  • Security deposit at the health facility

What to put in the kit at the time of giving birth
  •  Soap
  • Sanitary napkins
  • At least 2 towels for the baby
  • Clean clothes and sheets for the baby
  • Clothes and clean sheets for oneself