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Hospitalization within YGOPH is the admission of a patient to the hospital for a follow-up of proximity.

Administrative process

This is the administrative procedure of recording information about the person to be hospitalized. This person must report to the Admissions Office at the Reception, with the following documents:

  • The patient card if she is a former patient of the hospital,
  • A piece of identification (national identity card, passport, driver's license, residence card) if she is a new patient
  • the mail from your doctor,
  • the medical documents that may be necessary (blood group card, vaccination or health card, analysis results, radios, etc ...),
  • the maternity notebook,
  • health book for children
  • the health card or the care voucher if you are affiliated to an insurance.

Choice of rooms and hospitalization costs
A single room is assigned to the hospitalized person who requests it when availability allows. The fees will be included in the final bill that will be made when you leave the hospital, but beforehand, it is requested to pay a deposit on admission.