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Thanks to the existence of a training and career monitoring service, staff training is provided at HGOPY for capacity building of service providers, improving user care.

HGOPY being a training center par excellence in its specialty has a panel of qualified teachers and experts who provide theoretical and practical courses to students, staff and even staff from other health facilities in the city , for example: a training of providers of major hospitals in Yaoundé (CHU, General Hospital and HGOPY) in Obstetric and Neonatal and Emergency Essential Care was held in November 2013; another training on the prevention of Ebola contamination (September 2014) under the supervision of the SDRHAG.

  • Similarly, the Sub - Department of Human Resources and General Affairs coordinates the Staffs for the benefit of the students. These staffs also concern all the nursing staff. Ex: staff on the prevention of neonatal mortality by the Nurse before pregnancy, during pregnancy, during labor and delivery and after delivery.
  • Scientific meetings and symposia are held at HGOPY thanks to the dedication of its teachers;
    These staffs are organized after evaluation of the staff or after study of a case or after the audit of a death